pr: Jump to what matters

A PowerShell script that lets you jump to folders inside predefined directories

Posted on February 24, 2023

I personally don’t like to maintain a bunch of projects on the same directory, especially if they are not from the same “category”, like work, side projects, and open source.

But having to cd to them each time I want to access their workspace is so much of a pain. So I decided to write a PowerShell script called pr (short for project) that lets me jump to directories inside my predefined project directories. The usage is pretty straightforward:

pr blog

If you run the command above, it will search for directories named blog inside the paths you listed on $directories, and if it exists, then it will cd into it.

Here is the full script:

param (

# List of directories to search, change these lists to your desired
# directories. Understand that the priorities are left-to-right.
# e.g: "D:/projetos", "C:\Users\Gui\Desktop"
$directories = @("D:\a", "C:\b")

# Check if an argument was passed after the script name
if ($args.Count -gt 0) {
    # Use the first argument as the directory value
    $directory = $args[0]

# Check if the directory exists in the list
$matchingDirectory = $directories | Where-Object { Test-Path (Join-Path $_ $directory) }

# If a match was found, change to the matching directory
if ($matchingDirectory) {
    Set-Location (Join-Path $matchingDirectory $directory)
} else {
    Write-Host "Directory not found"

I first released this script as a gist, but I want to have a free slot on my GitHub profile to showcase more interesting things than this one.

Hope you enjoy it!