What I've been up to

Quick updates about the recent months

Posted on May 8, 2024

This is just a way to take off the dust that has been around since last post in December. I’ve been interested in a couple of different things in the past months, so I thought it would be great if I could share and also register to check what I was excited about in the future.

The big deal: Shipping the new Mais Esports

Recently, we shipped the new version of maisesports.com.br after nearly 10 months of work. It has been a very weird roller coaster of things to do during this period. But finally, we can account more on new features, best infra, and etc.

Using a productivity App for real

I’ve been using Todoist for a week now. It has been really good, knowing that I always had a problem with productivity apps, ranging from not liking the “productive way to live” and not getting along with new software.

But I recently had to get more compromised with studies and other appointments, billings and such. So, inspired by the Duolingo’s widget that helped me to strive for 120 days on Korean learning, I downloaded Todoist and used the widget to help me tracking my tasks.

Still don’t intend to upgrade to any Pro plan.

Got a new device: S23

After nearly 3 years rocking a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, I decided to change for a flagship device, the last year base model Galaxy S23. I’m genuinely impressed on how good this phone is. Fast, good cameras, a nice display, fits great on hands, etc.

The only downsides are the battery life, which compared to A32, which has 5000mAh, the S23’s 3800mAh battery feels not that good, also, the device heats up a lot, like, a LOT.

Tech reviews are addictive

To help me choose a new phone, I’ve been watching a lot of tech reviews, especially MKBHD ones. Marques is such a good creator, reviewer, person, etc. I’m not a big phone nerd but I get interested just to watch his reviews.

But because of this, I was able to discover new people who produces amazing content on MKBHD’s The Studio channel. Also, I’ve been listening to Waveform Podcast a lot.

Svelte 5 is coming

Recently, Rich Harris announced Svelte 5 is now on release candidate phase. This is awesome! I’m really excited and waiting to test the new runes on a production environment without breaking changes.

What I’ve been listening

Lots of study Lo-fi, Class of 3000 soundtrack, Sono Tapes II from Yung Lixo, old BTS ones, also a couple of shitpost albums.